“We have listened to our stakeholders. We commit to operating sustainably and incorporating sustainability values and objectives in all our projects. We believe we can deliver positive community and social outcomes with this sustainable framework in place.”

Bob Affleck, Managing Director.

Sustainability at Pursuit Minerals

Sustainability is central to Pursuit Minerals corporate strategy. We recognise that establishing a framework that facilitates building and operating a mining project sustainably is not only relevant to how we impact the environment and local communities but is also vital to generating long term value for all our stakeholders.

Our Sustainability Priorities

Our ESG Sustainability Plan outlines six sustainability priorities and provides a roadmap for how we will contribute positively to the environment and the communities in which we operate. We believe that a focus on these areas will enable Pursuit Minerals to further develop mutually beneficial stakeholder relationships, innovate, and play a leading role in the energy transition through the discovery of battery and critical minerals.

These priorities have been established by the Board of Pursuit Minerals through consideration of our operations, vision and understanding of our stakeholders’ values, interests, and concerns.

Health and SafetyClimate ChangeEnvironment
People, Culture and CommunityIndigenous PartnershipsEconomic Sustainability

Our approach is aligned with the globally recognised ESG and sustainability standards of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). In the course of our operations, we are proud to contribute to the below SDG’s. For more information, please go to our Sustainability Plan found here.

In 2021, we engaged with leading ESG technology company Social Suite. Their tool, ESGgo, is based on the World Economic Forum’s 21 Sustainability disclosures, and is relied upon by over 50 ASX companies to facilitate ESG strategy, reporting and disclosures.


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