Warrior Project Update: July Drilling Confirmed

Warrior Project: Phil’s Hill PGE-Ni-Cu Prospect Program of Work (“POW”) approval received clearing drilling to proceed at Phil’s Hill Operations well advanced at local field house with drilling to commence on or about 15th July 2021 Follow-up MLEM crew is currently onsite utilising larger loops to the north and south of Phil’s Hill to extend the anomalism Terra Resources VTEMTM … Read More

Warrior Project Update: Heritage Clearance Received

Warrior Project: Phil’s Hill PGE-Ni-Cu Prospect Aboriginal Cultural Heritage requirements have been met and the Company’s cleared to undertake drilling at Phil’s Hill Government approvals are anticipated by month-end Refurbishment of the contracted drill rig has been  completed and rig will be mobilised to site prior to month-end Follow-up MLEM planned to be undertaken late June with larger EM loops … Read More

Over 1g/t Au-PGE in Soils at Phil’s Hill Prospect

Highly anomalous soil geochemical results identified at Phil’s Hill strengthening its prospectivity for PGE-Ni-Cu massive sulphide mineralisation Soil sampling confirms strong PGE-Ni-Cu and Au anomalies at Phil’s Hill with a number of very encouraging results; over 1 g/t Au-Pt-Pd co-incident soil results reported close to EM plate 20a Strong co-incident Au-Pt-Pd-Ni-Cu anomalism extending over 900m on plate 10a, and anomalism … Read More


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