Bluebush is probably the largest zone of zinc mineralisation in Australia — 100 square kilometres of greater than 1% zinc.

It’s also the largest known zone of sediment hosted zinc mineralisation in the Mt Isa province, and one of the largest globally. Geological similarities and proximity to the highly successful Century Mine make Bluebush an exciting prospect as an extensive zinc and lead deposit.

By locating the area where mineralisation has been focussed and concentrated within this large area of known zinc mineralisation, Pursuit Minerals is looking to establish a significant zinc deposit and capture value as global zinc prices rise. Drill targets have been identified from data sets acquired from the projects previous owners, allowing Pursuit to quickly to move to drill testing targets. Pursuit Minerals’ objective is to discover a truly world class zinc mine.

Bluebush benefits from the close proximity of existing infrastructure associated with the recently closed Century mine.


  • Location:
    Mt Isa Super Basin, 75km NE of Century Zinc Mine
  • Minerals:
  • Opportunities:

    120km2 of proven zinc mineralisation, geological similarities to successful Century Mine